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A bit about me


I am a Minneapolis-based photographer who has had photography as a hobby for the past several years. Initially, I took up my camera to document family moments and to take landscape pictures to put up at home.  Over the years, I realized that I had quite a large collection of pictures that were sitting idle and only enjoyed by me. I would show them to friends and people I met and got positive feedback for the eye I developed. In the summer of 2017, I decided to focus on photography part-time and develop a portfolio that expanded beyond landscapes. Sharing the way I see the world with others is my primary goal in branching out as a professional artist.

As far as travel goes, I grew up traveling to all corners of the United States. However, I never left the US (aside from a day trip to Thunder Bay, Ontario) until 2007 and international travel really got going in 2015. So far I have been to: Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Mexico, Aruba, Canada, Argentina, Iceland, Vietnam, India, Japan, and China. Another trip to Vietnam and India is on the horizon with a one-day stop in Japan.